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Bakers Island Chopping Events

2022 WCWF 

Schedule of Chopping Events 1PM-8PM 

Friday May 27th

1:00 pm     Springboard Heat 1

1:15 pm     Women's Single Buck

1:45 pm     Handicap Underhand

2:15 pm     Springboard Heat 2

2:30 pm     Women's Underhand Preliminaries

3:00 pm     Handicap Standing Block

3:20 pm     Springboard Heat 3

3:30 pm     Jack & Jill Cross Cut Preliminaries

4:00 pm     Jill & Jill Cross Cut

4:20 pm     Jack & Jill Cross Cut Finals

4:40 pm    Women's Underhand Finals

5:00 pm    3 Cube

5:50 pm    5 Cube

6:20 pm    0-140cc Mod Saw Preliminaries

8:00 pm    Awards Ceremony for Friday Event Winners

2022 WCWF Schedule of Chopping Events

9:30am to 4:15pm

Saturday May, 28th

 9:30 am    Axe Throw Qualifications begins

10:00 am   Two Man Cross Cut Preliminaries 

10:30 am   Master's Two Man Cross Cut

10:45 am   Springboard Heat 4

10:50 am   Hot Saw Eliminations Preliminaries

12 pm - 1 pm    Lunch Break

1:00 pm     Springboard Heat 5

1:10 pm     Masters Standing Block

1:30 pm     Championship Single Buck Preliminaries

2:20 pm     Springboard Heat 6

2:30 pm     Master's Underhand Chop 

2:45 pm     Championship Standing Block Preliminaries

3:30 pm     Championship Underhand Preliminaries

4:15 pm     Awards Ceremony For Saturday Event Winners

2022 Schedule of Chopping Events Noon to 4:30pm

Sunday May, 29th 

12:00 pm     Opening Ceremonies

12:15 pm     Springboard Finals 

12:30 pm     Two man Crosscut Finals

1:00 pm       0-140cc Mod Saw Finals

1:30 pm       Championship Standing Block Semi-Finals

2:00 pm       Hot Saw Elimination Semi Finals

2:20 pm       Axe Throw Finals

3:00 pm      Championship Standing Block Finals 

3:15 pm      Championship Underhand Semi Finals

3:30 pm      Championship Single Buck Finals

3:50 pm      Hot Saw Elimination Finals 

4:00 pm      Championship Underhand Finals

4:30 pm      Awards Ceremony for All Final Event Winners    

World Champion Woodchopping

This year's Webster County Woodchopping Festival will take place on May 25-29, 2022.  World Champion Woodchopping events will take place throughout the weekend, beginning at 1:00pm on Friday afternoon.  The Friday qualifying events will run into the evening hours this year with chopping and chain saw events highlighting the events.

Saturday's events begin at 9:00 am and will conclude late in the afternoon or early evening.  Saturday's events begin at 9:00am and will conclude late in the afternoon or early evening.  Saturday's events will include Axe Throwing, Hot Saw Competition, Modified Stock Saw Competition, Spring Board Competition, Under Hand and Standing Block Chopping events, Singles and jack and Jill Single and Double Buck Saw competitions, and Handicap and Senior Competitions.

Standing Block